I like horror. I draw girls. Flexible art style because I don't know how to be consistent even if I tried. I am still learning and hoping to improve.


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Art that I enjoy doing

Posted by HassySoda - May 4th, 2021

I find a lot more enjoyment from my art when I don't try so overly hard to do what isn't fun to me. I notice I enjoy the process of art when I'm allowed to be sketchy. Messy. Experimental. Doing clean line art is one of the reasons I used to hate the process of art. Especially extensive projects. It's why I'd delay so many pieces for years. After all this time I feel like I'm starting to understand what I like to do most. Work like this and this being an example. (Those as of posting this haven't been posted on NG yet but I'll get around to it lol) I think after my back started hurting and I was more determined to get a portable tablet (Which I would end up getting) and do art more in a position of comfort rather than "WORK TIME" sitting at a computer taking it really seriously, I have been able to discover that I really do enjoy turning sketchy works in to "real" works without going overboard to refine it to perfection. This is why I don't produce much work like this anymore. Before writing this I hadn't realized how long I been doing more "sketchy" works.

Anyway I feel a bit happier now as I am. I still hope to improve in ways but I want to find a balance of wanting to push myself a bit without trying to force myself to draw things I just don't wanna do.

Thanks to anyone who has stuck around and enjoyed my work. I can't guarantee I'll do it but if there's any subjects, things you'd like to see more of, comment it. Just curious what people would like.



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Copypasted from my deviantart haha




you're welcome.

Nice to hear, keep up your work, you should be very proud! Looking at your art and trying to dissect how you work your magic inspires me, so thank you.

As for any subject I think you could do, I'd love to see your art style in super weird and dynamic poses or perspectives, like, just think of the wierdist sones that could work, like a bug eye lens, or characters at a weird angle, stuff like that. (not saying the poses/perspectives you do now aren't dynamic, just something I like to do when I feel like not drawing)
Thank you!!!!